Bulancak in our district 2. Organized Industrial Zone, the first factory opened in a ceremony held today.

2. BİOAK of KARAİBRAHİMOĞLU group of companies OSB Natural and Clean Energy Manufacturing Factory opening program began with the reading of silence and the National Anthem.

KARAİBRAHİMOĞLU company group speaking on behalf Altug KARAİBRAHİMOĞLU the ceremony BİOAK Factory said the establishment to serve in the production of biofuels, 2. OSB demonstrated that the allocation of the first land 7250m2lik area in 2009 and established in this area, he said egges culinary with BİOAK that operates the natural and Clean Energy Manufacturing Factory.

2. thanked OSB Manager Mete Bahadir the establishment of Yilmaz industry Organized and our Dear Governor, especially Canikli former Customs and Trade Minister Nurettin who contributed greatly in the coming today and to all those who contributed.

Mayor stating that they live a happy day in the name of Bulandshahr district Recep Burns also said that the problem of unemployment, which is one of the most important problems of our country around the meaning of Bulancak district at least 5b and 7 thousand jobs organized which will create industry into the region in the service first facility experienced the joy and happiness.

“Today we are excited and happy to make the opening of the good service,” said the Governor, Mr. Hasan Karahan, began by saying, “Today is a day we wait eagerly. 2.osb’n we have created in our province with the opening of a new business area. Our airport is located 9km from the sea Organized Industrial Zone outer provinces and cities even waiting for all our brothers from overseas investors. OSB would like to thank all those who contributed in bringing to you today, I wish you good profits to the employees, “he said.

2. OSB mentions the difficulties encountered in the implementation of the Customs and Trade Minister Nurettin also Canikli old “2. OSB tourism of the city of Giresun industrialization lost without this feature is a project come to life. Without disrupting the environment, despite the limited land we had to implement this project. Today it will shape the future of Giresun greatly, which is an important project that will stimulate the economy, we are opening the 2nd OSB initial investment. Giresun industrialization with ASD has taken a very important step. Contributors to the last, we would like to thank those who rely on, “he said.

After the speeches, the Minister and the Governor Karahan Canikli, 2. KARAİBRAHİMOĞLU the first operating license of the Organized Industrial Zone on behalf of the company gave Altug Karaibrahimoğlu group.

Governor of Karahan opening ribbon cutting by browsing facilities of the protocol and then they sent their wishes to get better Canikli Ministers.